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Python Libraries

This is a small collection of useful libraries apart from the well-known standards like pandas or requests.

  • hypothesis allows you to use property based testing for your code. The test cases are generated automatically, covering corner cases you never might have thought of.
  • holoviews is for plotting your data what CSS is for HTML. Reproducible research made easier, and a large reduction in boilerplate code. Integrates nicely with the iPython/Jupyter notebook. geoviews is a new library built on holoviews, which you can use to visualize geographical, meteorological, oceanographic, weather, and climate data.
  • powerlaw is a library that allows you to test whether your data follows a power law - the right way.
  • TPOT is a Python tool that automatically creates and optimizes machine learning pipelines using genetic programming.
  • MLextend (machine learning extensions) is a library of useful tools for the day-to-day data science tasks.
  • LIME - Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations helps you uncover what features your model actually uses for its predictions.
  • pathlib - actually part of the standard library since Python 3.4.


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